Climate resilience – La Isabela International Airport – AERODOM | Dominican Republic

Résumé du projet

Prestation réalisée :   Preliminary vulnerability assessment for climate risks
Localisation :  Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
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Client :  AERODOM
Date de début et fin de prestation :  2020 - 2020
Durée de prestation :  One month
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A concession holder focused on the future

AERODOM operates six airports in the Dominican Republic. The concession holder wishes to analyse the vulnerability of its assets to climate change, starting with La Isabela international airport.

Airport extension and development projects are planned and the purpose of the climate change vulnerability study is to enable the concession holder to adapt its projects and take climate-related factors into account if necessary.



A decisive intervention

  • Conducting a preliminary assessment enabled AERODOM to examine the potential impacts of climate change on its infrastructure and operations, and to identify the most critical points of the airport, limit damage and operating losses from climate risks, support the government in its strategy to combat climate change and offer a long-term vision of the airport’s operations.



Content of the investigations

  • Review of the literature on disaster risk management, including international and national literature concerning Santo Domingo province
  • Exposure to natural hazards and the effects of climate change on the airport’s infrastructure
  • Seismic exposure and vulnerability assessment of La Isabela airport
  • Mapping of key players in climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Preliminary assessment of climate change resilience based on the GIS


Les chiffres-clés du projet

84 000 passengers in 2019
9 534 movements in 2019
5 destinations

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