Monitoring for Dubai Four Seasons Canal Residence | United Arab Emirates

Project summary

Service provided:  Design, supply, installation and commissioning of instrumentation and monitoring works
Location:  Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Client:  Dutco Balfour Beatty
Period of the service:  2020
Duration of service:  6 months

Images of the project

A new addition to the Four Seasons hospitality portfolio


Jumeirah 2 is one of the sub-communities in Dubai’s prestigious residential area, Jumeirah. The upscale neighborhood enjoys a strategic position alongside the scenic coast of Dubai and draws expatriates and locals alike.
It is no surprise that it is within this district, directly in front of the eponymous Dubai Canal, that the next Four Seasons residence complex is being built.


Required instrumentation and monitoring activities


The shoring system of the structure being built is made of a secant pile wall supporting the sides of the excavation around the plot and allow a watertight cut-off with sufficient embedment depth to provide the necessary structural support and control seepage to optimize the performance of the dewatering scheme.


The wall itself will be supported by tie-backs and several struts.
Wall performance monitoring is required on this site, several borehole inclinometer casings were therefore installed to assess the walls horizontal displacements, loadcells were commissioned to monitor the anchor force, while strain gauges were welded to each strut to calculate structural loads/stresses in the props.


Surface settlement points were installed on the adjacent road and sidewalk to keep track of excavation induced settlements. As dewatering is needed on site, a sufficient number of standpipe piezometers were installed within selected areas of the plot to monitor the water levels, and confirm the system efficiency.


The presence of an RTA pedestrian bridge crossing the canal in the vicinity of the excavation also called for additional instrumentation between the excavation and the structure.
All the classic monitoring techniques were used on this project.

Project Key figures

6 Inclinometers in shoring wall
2 Standpipe piezometers
4 Anchor load cells
16 Strain gauges on struts
10 Settlement markers
6 Months of monitoring activities

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