• Ensuring the safety of nuclear installations during maintenance and operation
  • Guaranteeing the safety of power generation in full compliance with all best practice rules and regulations
  • Securing reactor confinement vessels and avoiding discharges into the environment

.. all these are daily challenges in your industry.

In responding to the many technical, economic, environmental and safety requirements of the nuclear industry, Sixense has formed multidisciplinary teams and developed innovative technical solutions.

We are here to support you in maintaining permanent in-service availability of your production resources, developing them and increasing the reliability of your nuclear facilities in strict and uncompromising compliance with all safety regulations.


A multidisciplinary team of experts in civil engineering
and coatings

  • A dedicated team with expertise in nuclear environments
    Our Nuclear division is CEFRI (645 E) certified, and our employees are trained in working in controlled environments subject to ionising radiation .
  • Greater expertise and peace of mind for your operations
    Regardless of the problem you have, you can be certain that the support we provide addresses the regulatory requirements and operational realities of your projects.
  • More than 20 years of experience gained in nuclear sites and installations
    Enhanced by a process of continual feedback, the skills of our Sixense teams your guarantee of the responsiveness and expertise you need to achieve all your safety, compliance and reliability targets.
  • Innovation is central to everything we do
    We rely on the core skills of our parent group and strategic partnerships to tailor our solutions, methods and technologies to successfully address the most complex issues you face.
    In full compliance with all best practice rules and regulations, we have now integrated digital solutions and artificial intelligence into our processes, and continue to apply our ambitious R&D policy with the constant goal of facilitating the daily lives of our partners and employees.