Maintaining the trust of your stakeholders, the goodwill of local communities and the health of your employees and handling political and administrative pressures, at the same time as ensuring that your projects progress smoothly while your business behaves sustainably are all challenges you must succeed in every day.

Our noise and vibration specialists are here to advise you on solutions to control your impact on public health and the environment.


Our approach in three key stages:


Situational diagnostics
to assess your environment, model and simulate the environmental and health impact of your projects, and analyse the associated risks and opportunities.


Assessment and solution design
tailored to solving your problems and meeting your regulatory, contractual and QHSE requirements, as well as your budgetary constraints. We examine the most effective scenarios, and support you in your decision-making.


Support with monitoring
the implementation of impact reduction measures and measuring their effectiveness. We explain technical issues and proposed solutions in understandable terms, and facilitate communication with all stakeholders using personalised communication tools, attendance at public meetings, dedicated training and other resources.

Why you should use our services:

A team of acousticians and vibration experts available at every stage of your project
Our consultants provide you with help and support from initial design, construction and operation of your projects, right through to the dismantling phase. Our teams contribute the peace of mind you need to manage your operations smoothly and effectively, because we work closely with you to find the right balance between regulatory compliance and operational realities, whatever issues you may be facing.

Why are we different?
Our teams rely on more than 30 years of experience and has a unique level of twin expertise in engineering and monitoring.
Our experts are fully involved in the evolutionary development of best practice and the profession. They are proactive contributors to the process of developing new regulations and standards, and are members of a broad range of professional bodies, including CINOV Giac in France, the Institute of Acoustics in the UK, INCE in the USA and AAS in Australia.
We manage one of the largest instrument fleets in the industry (400+ systems) and maintain high levels of investment to ensure maximum performance using the latest technology.

Objectivity and impartiality… Our core values
Because trust is crucial, we are absolutely committed to building and maintaining strong and lasting relationships with our partners, clients and suppliers. We strive to provide objective and unbiased diagnostics, and recommend solutions that strike the right balance between risks and goals, avoiding the trap of implementing excessive precautions, which can often be unjustified and costly.

Digital innovation is central to our investment in R&D
Our strategic partnerships with our clients, suppliers and parent group facilitate the constant development of our practices, methods and technologies.
Digital and Artificial Intelligence are now central to the solutions we offer, and we continue to work on process innovations that benefit our clients and teams. Our Novia and Eolesense solutions are practical examples of this commitment in action.


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