Global monitoring system for the Sky Towers | Ukraine

Project summary

Service provided:  Installation of a global monitoring system during skyscraper construction
Location:  Kiev, Ukraine
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Client:  Agency of Office Construction, LLC
Period of the service:  2008 - 2013
Duration of service:  5 years
Sixense solutions used: 

Images of the project

Twin skyscrapers

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, has been undergoing a development boom for a decade. It is one of the largest cities in Europe and recently has entered the skyscraper race.
The Sky Towers project consists of an office tower and a hotel tower 204 m and 165 m in height respectively. The site is in a densely populated area, close to the city centre and Kiev’s main railway station.


Monitoring the surrounding area

Sixense was invited to provide an automated monitoring system to monitor the effects of the twin towers construction to the surrounding area, part of a larger development project.
Sixense team of experienced Engineers and technicians installed the monitoring system prior to any construction starting therefore allowing a sufficient baseline to be established.
Surface settlements were observed using groups of high precision robotic theodolites working in reflectorless mode, known as Centaur. The neighbouring façade monitoring of the surrounding buildings were observed using the same instrument in Cyclops mode, with glass target prisms installed on the facades, 3 dimensional movements were observed. Outside the zone of influence, reference prisms enabled the instruments own position to be determined and therefore absolute movements of the monitoring points to be calculated.

Using Sixense’s in-house software, Geoscope, data management and visualisation in real time was provided whilst allowing further in depth analysis when required using the same software. Predetermined trigger values allowed elected personnel to obtain real time SMS message alerts when values were breached and instigate mitigating actions as and when required.
This comprehensive monitoring system has allowed the designated client’s representative and interested 3rd parties to have up to date information at their fingertips and enabled them to make informed judgements with regard to the impact of the construction activity on the surrounding structures.

Project Key figures

3 Centaur systems
23 Inclinometers including 15 inthe D-wall
8 Extensometers
54 Strain gauges on props
11 Geophones for Vibration monitoring
1 Weather station

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