Monitoring of Fertil Plant | United Arab Emirates

Project summary

Service provided:  Instrumentation & Monitoring during remedial works for Converter Foundation Tilt Correction
Location:  Ruwais, United Arab Emirates
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Client:  Spie Batignolles International
Period of the service:  2018-2020
Duration of service:  1 year & 10 months
Sixense solutions used: 

Images of the project

The Fertil-2 Project


FERTIL-2, by FERTIL, the UAE subsidiary of Fertiglobe, is a fully integrated project based on the UAE’s reserve of natural gas. The company was established in October 1980 and is now a joint venture between ADNOC (42%) and ORASCOM CI (58%).

“The scheme marks a decision by ADNOC to diversify into mid- and downstream petrochemicals.”
The plant itself is located in the Ruwais Industrial Zone about 200km from Abu Dhabi, and consists of ammonia and urea processing plants.


A critical remediation operation


In order to correct observed differential settlements and detrimental tilt, a converter and its foundation elements needed to be jacked and set in place. Spie Batignolles International has been awarded the foundation jacking job, and has engaged Sixense on the project as a monitoring solution provider.
Sixense proceeded to instrument the foundation elements with a set of levelling nails and studs, as well as tiltmeter beams.

The monitoring system played a role at three key stages:

  • To provide a baseline before the remediation works start
  • To carry out monitoring campaigns during the jacking sequence
  • Over time to ensure that the structure is now stable.


As an ADNOC-approved Vendor, Sixense is able to carry out its activities in critical UAE Oil & Gas related environments.

Project Key figures

3 Tiltmeter beams
30 Settlement markers
6 Monitoring campaigns

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