Monitoring for the Barangaroo development project | Australia

Project summary

Service provided:  Comprehensive monitoring of foundation works
Location:  Sydney, Australia
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Client:  Lendlease, SBIMB JV
Period of the service:  2018 - 2020
Duration of service:  2 years & 7 months

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About Barangaroo

The Barangaroo development project will complete the sweep of experiences along the Sydney CBD western waterfront and involves the construction of a number of landmark towers and structures.

Menard Oceania and Soletanche Bachy International (SBIMB JV) are constructing foundations for the three high-rise buildings, anchoring them at a depth of more that 25 metres, as well as construction of the permineter retaining walls. Sixense have been contracted to provide instrumentation and monitoring services for the project.


The Challenges

As an industrial brownfield site, the project proposed a number of significant geotechnical and environmental challenges due to the poor quality of the ground that was heavily polluted.


What we’ve delivered

A comprehensive and integrated real-time monitoring system was installed to monitor the foundation excavation and construction. Due to the heavily polluted ground material, all instruments were automated with wireless real-time dataloggers, to reduce man-power on site, and streamline data collection and reporting.

The monitoring instruments included geotechnical sensors such as inclinometers and piezometers, structural sensors such as tiltmeters and load cells, and deformation sensors such as monitoring prisms and our patented Cyclops system.

Geoscope was used to integrate all sensor data, generate reports, and send alarms to stakeholders in case of sensor threshold exceedances.

Project Key figures

18 automatic inclinometers
18 load cells
7 groundwater piezometers
3 tiltmeters
1 Cyclops
65 monitoring prisms

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