Monitoring for Jordanki Concert Hall | Poland

Project summary

Service provided:  Inclinometer measurements for diaphragm-wall monitoring
Location:  Toruń, Poland
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Client:  Soletanche Polska Sp. z o.o.
Period of the service:  2013

Images of the project

To house the Toruń Symphony Orchestra

The Jordanki Concert Hall in Torun has been designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding audiences, starved of high level entertainment.

During normal operations the concert hall accommodates not only concerts but also musicals, theatre, operatic performances, film screenings, congresses and conferences. It also performs the functions of exhibition, education and house the Toruń Symphony Orchestra.

Including the 8,600m2 subsurface structures, the entire building covers an area of 22,000 m2.


Monitoring of diaphram walls

Construction work on this project began in 2013, in August Soletanche Polska Sp. z o.o. instructed Sixense to deliver and install in-place inclinometers (IPI) within steel casings installed in diaphragm walls. In total, 3 inclinometers, 20m deep were installed. All 3 of these uniaxial inclinometer strings, equipped with 8 sensors per chain were successfully installed and commissioned.

It is planned, in the second phase of the project, to install supplementary load cells. The walls are to be extended and therefore further extension of the inclinometer strings will be necessary equating to a further 3 additional sensors per string.

The system automatically provides data and incorporates Sixense’s Geoscope software platform allowing the client to access and analyse the data recorded by the sensors in real time

Project Key figures

3 IPI chains
20 m long
8 sensors each
11 sensors per string
4 load cells

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