Monitoring at Twarda Tower | Poland

Project summary

Service provided:  Load cells supply and installation onto skyscraper's cable stays
Location:  Warsaw, Poland
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Client:  Hochtief, Freyssinet
Period of the service:  2013

Images of the project

Skyscraper under construction

Twarda Tower, also known as Cosmopolitan Twarda 2/4, was recently completed in central Warsaw. Mainly made of glass, the skyscraper is 160 meters high with 44 storeys, including 250 apartments.
Its ground floor along Twarda Street is to provide commercial space for shops and services and its underground part has been designed to accommodate a 300-vehicle car park.

In june 2013, Sixense was approached by Freyssinet, in charge of the construction, to provide an automatic solution to monitor the cable stays located on floor 19, 30 and 41.


Monitoring of cable stays

Sixense provided and installed 6 load cells. Each load cell is installed on one of the cable stay to monitor the load during building exploitation period. A connection box, installed inside the enclosure, connects every load cell to extension data cable to reach the datalogger.

Datalogger is able to measure the various kinds of analog output signals of different sensor types. It collects raw measurements every 15mn from the load cell and provides a processed data every hour on the Geoscope database (monitoring software).

Cosmopolitan Twarda 2/4 is now the second tallest residential building in Warsaw (after Złota 44), and third in Poland (after Sky Tower in Wrocław and Złota 44).

Project Key figures

6 load cells
6 datalogging system

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