Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) | USA

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Service provided:  Maintenance items optimization
Location:  Maryland - USA
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Client:  Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA)
Period of the service:  2008-Present
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Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA)


The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) is a state agency responsible for financing, constructing, operating, and maintaining transportation facilities consisting of toll roads, tunnels, and bridges in Maryland.

Established in 1971, it also finances the construction of other revenue-producing transportation facilities for the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), like the Port of Baltimore and Baltimore-Washington International Airport.


Decision-Making Support

To continue to provide safe facilities to the public, MDTA has transformed its facility inspection program from a defect-based inspection to a full biennial hands-on condition-based inspection.

One of the key items was the development of the bridge management system called ASIR (Authority Structural Inspection and Repair Management System). The objectives for the system included:

  • Consistency with current industry standards
  • Improve the tracking of maintenance items
  • Provide a tool to optimize the inventory and support the decision-making process of repair prioritization


Sixense, Pennoni, and Stantec created a partnership to help the Maryland Transportation Authority respond to these objectives with their patented software Beyond Asset.


A Full Condition Assessment for the Maryland Transportation Authority

The ASIR system provides full electronic documentation of the inspection findings in a network-based database, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Beyond Asset helps the Maryland Transportation Authority support a comprehensive asset management approach based on the inventory, an inspection module, and an analysis module.

The web-based tool is now in its 3rd major revision and includes several new functions, including a reporting function to deliver business intelligence and statistics to the management team. This data is then easily accessed and utilized to develop task orders for necessary repairs.

Over 400 users from 17 different consulting firms utilize the ASIR system today. Everyone involved from the owner, to the inspectors to the operations personnel, can attest to the numerous beneficial changes that the system has undergone.

Project Key figures

400 Users
17 Consulting Firms
5,300 Bridges