Climate resilience – Axa Tertiary Building | France

Project summary

Service provided:  Assessment of climate change vulnerability and adaptation solutions
Location:  Paris, France
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Client:  Axa Climate
Period of the service:  2020
Duration of service:  2 months
Sixense solutions used: 

Images of the project

The AXA portfolio in the face of climate change

The objective was to identify current and future climate risks for AXA’s tertiary building and propose a range of adaptation solutions to implement, to reduce risks, via a dedicated decision-assistance tool.


Identifying risks to propose tailored solutions

Our specialist research office, Resallience, was appointed by AXA to:

  • Propose a classification of vulnerability to climate change with the calculation of a score reflecting exposure to trend-based and extreme climate risks by 2050 under scenario RCP 4.5 and RCP 8.5, and a score for site vulnerability to climate risks based on the building’s sensitivity.
  • Define an adaptation action plan including a benchmarking of existing measures and good practices adapted to the site and to the risks, a classification of recommendations for preliminary solutions to improve the site’s resilience and the development of a decision-assistance tool for the roll-out of resilience solutions

Project Key figures

3 3 major climatic risks by 2050
+30 + 30 solutions identified

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