The EverScan® range includes innovative inspection tools to assess structural pathologies and help predict the residual life of cable-stayed and prestressed structures.

Our solutions provide stress and strain measurement and detect hidden defects, such as age-related corrosion and other failures, before they become visible.

Our solutions for assessing hidden defects and signs of premature structural ageing


This method was co-developed with IFSTTAR to detect voids and white paste in external prestressing ducts.

Escan Méthode développée avec IFSTTAR pour la détection des vides et de la pâte blanche dans les gaines de précontrainte extérieure
Uscan SIXENSE Méthode d’auscultation des haubans ou cables de précontrainte


This method is used to inspect prestressing stays or cables for defects and fractures in individual steel cable strands within their anchoring zone.

Our solutions for measuring loads and stresses in cable-stayed and prestressed structures


Measurement of the effective residual stress in a concrete structure.

Soltstress SIXENSE Mesure de la contrainte résiduelle effective dans une structure en béton.
SIXENSE Upus Mesure rapide de la tension par onde ultrasonore dans les barres de précontrainte


Fast ultrasonic measurement of prestressing bar tension.

Vibration analysis

Analysis of the vibratory behaviour of a structure to identify deformations by applying modal analysis.

SIXENSE Analyse du comportement vibratoire d’une structure pour identifier les déformées par analyse modales

Why choose our SHM solutions?

Our solutions facilitate proactive decision-making so that you can:

  • View the status of your structures in real time
  • Predict and optimise maintenance needs
  • Ensure user safety
  • Extend the operating service life of your structures