BIM modelling of point clouds makes it possible to build comprehensive, reliable inventories of infrastructure, premises, equipment, pipelines and materials to optimise operation and maintenance.

Nos solutions

Scan to BIM


  • Collection of missing data (scanner, etc.)
  • Construction of the BIM model
  • Create a complete and reliable inventory of assets
  • Ensure reliability of development and deconstruction studies
extrait maquette BIM
BIM model based on point clouds
nuage de point
Point cloud

3D data expertise


  • Data quality control (point cloud, etc.) to guarantee the reliability of inventories
  • Optimisation of operations

What sets us apart distinctively from competitors

  • Our ability to process and qualify point clouds, including very large volumes
  • Our expertise in segmenting point clouds to separate data relating to the structure of buildings from that relating to the internal framework or content. In particular, this segmentation can be used to identify alignment faults and perform geometric checks.