The models we build are precise, accurately reflect reality and are visually attractive to meet your needs for design studies or to enhance the value of your projects.

Our as-built solutions

Inventory, verification


  • Inventories of installations,
  • verification of linear construction sites, etc.
inventiaire numérique



  • Data acquisition by helicopter or drone
  • Mapping accuracy
  • Combination of LiDAR and imaging technologies

2D/3D drawings


  • High-precision tools
  • Useful for monitoring projects or works
Jumeau numérique de réacteur nucléaire
As-Built Model of an Industrial Facility

As-Built Models


  • Realistic 3D reconstruction
  • Useful for studies, evacuation scenarios, simulations or deconstruction, etc.
  • Used to check discrepancies between reality and the BIM model or building plans

3D reverse engineering


  • 3D scan of the existing object or facility
  • 3D model to go from reality to CAD
  • Ideal for remanufacturing equipment where the drawings no longer exist
retro ingénierie
3D model of a hydraulic valve, reconstructed from the existing one
modèle 3D avec clash

Clash detection


  • Enables new projects to be compared with the real environment
  • Detection of discrepancies/clashes

What sets us apart distinctively from competitors

  • Our experience of using today’s most advanced modelling systems on dozens of previous projects
  • Our comprehensive knowledge of the asset types to be modelled