During its life cycle, a building or engineered structure is likely to be affected by changes in its materials or the emergence of structural faults caused by a range of different factors, including construction defects, earthquake, fire, explosion and changes in operating conditions.

These events can reduce the service of a structure, compromise its durability or threaten the safety of users.

Where this is the case, contracting authorities and/or contractors will have to assess the condition and performance of the structure in light of the faults detected.


Expert appraisal of structures and fault cause identification

Our dedicated solutions allow us to diagnose how structures are behaving, and identify any material pathologies affecting entire structures or their component parts. These solutions are based on formalised investigation methodologies that combine in-situ auscultation of materials and structures with laboratory testing.

On-site intervention

  • Visual inspection and fault measurement
  • In-situ auscultation and non-destructive testing:
    • Structural surveys
    • Characterisation of materials and coatings
    • Diagnosis of pathologies
    • Evaluation of prestressing
vue microscope - recherche pathologie matériaux

Laboratory analysis and testing

  • Mechanical and physical tests
  • Physical, chemical and microstructural characterisation
  • Pathology identification
  • Identification of fault causes and extent
  • Durability and endurance parameter studies