As a project owner, you must now manage your property in an increasingly complex and restrictive budgetary, technical and regulatory environment.

You must ensure that the structures’ service level is maintained while ensuring the safety of property and persons.

Our property management experts help you structure the management, identify risks and optimise maintenance budgets in relation to your structures.

We provide our experience and our know-how to establish effective property management strategies, making it possible to prioritise work to be carried out and optimise maintenance costs.


A comprehensive approach to give managers visibility

Knowing the property and organising long-term management

  • Conducting an inventory. Due diligence audit
  • Characterisation of the state and performance of property
  • Development of management indicators (KPIs)
  • Definition of objectives and property management policy
  • Construction of dashboards
  • Assistance for digitisation of property management tools

Controlling risks to guarantee user safety and operational continuity

  • Identification and characterisation of contingencies
  • Assessment of property vulnerability
  • Qualification and prioritisation of risk categories
  • Analysis of situations and decision support

Defining the direction of budget policy and optimising maintenance costs

Building a medium to long-term financial strategy 

  • Modelling property ageing
  • Simulation of various investment scenarios
  • Comparison of effects in terms of performance

Optimising investments to strike the right balance between portfolio quality and risk level

  • Estimation of renewal and maintenance needs (CAPEX/OPEX)
  • Ranking and prioritisation of actions to be undertaken (preventive and curative) according to the risks
  • Construction and development of the multi-year maintenance programme