InSAR and Earth Observation Techniques for Infrastructure (C805)

The development of Earth Observation techniques

Earth Observation covers a wide range of technologies that have come of age throughout the past two decades and are expanding into a new era of cloud processing, very high-resolution and near real-time service delivery with the use of spaceborne data within infrastructure asset management.

The launch of the new CIRIA guidance report

We are delighted to announce that the new CIRIA (Construction Industry Research and Information Association) guidelines on Earth Observation and InSAR technology in civil infrastructure is now available.

Produced by a consortium led by Sixense and Imperial College London, the guidance report improves accessibility to Earth Observation technology by understanding techniques and products applied to infrastructure management.

What you will learn about ?

The report draws on the extensive experience of the consortium members and detail current practices, illustrated with case study examples, and outline respective advantages and limitations of the various techniques to assist all users and in particular those involved in asset management and construction. It forms an important step towards establishing the use of Earth Observation techniques as a matter of ongoing best practice for asset management in civil infrastructure projects.

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