Platform solutions

Capitalise on your unused data, digitalise your processes.

We provide guidance and assistance during your digital transformation.

Our software supports the methodological choices you wish to make.

Process digitalisation and treating your data like a true resource go together.

If it’s correctly managed, your data can be a precious resource: it enables you to anticipate risks and make the right decisions.

Our solutions reflect our company values: they’re agile, innovative and industry-leading. They are the answer to your most specific needs, in industries such as Construction, Asset Management or Real estate.

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We develop software that digitises our client’s infrastructure.

Our software platforms enable you to reduce your operational, financial, human and contractual risks by comprehensively and precisely analysing your information and your activities on-site.


We provide software dedicated to following and managing infrastructures and worksites.


Disseminate your quality standards at the heart of the worksite and organise your data to optimise the construction delivery process:

  • User-friendly forms that are easy to adapt
  • A secured EDM (electronic document management) tool that works in off-line environments
  • Rigorous and controlled supply management

All the information collected can be positioned on 2D or 3D plans and be accessible when working on different sites.


Real-time access to all your documents

Centralised information that’s accessible to all parties

  • An adequate and customised document structure
  • Access Rights Management
  • Keyword Search Engine
  • 4D/5D model visualisation

Activity follow-up and progress tracking

  • Permanent Access to historical operations
  • A statistic vision of your status reports
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Compliance verification

Document lifecycle management

  • Management of validity dates
  • Centralised document editing
  • FAQ Creation and management


Worksite supervision

Dynamic scheduling for improved productivity.

“Zero paper” target.

Quality management and supervision

  • Procedure management control
  • Creation of custom forms
  • Measurement-checking during inspections

Team coordination and time management

  • Status report follow-up
  • Reactivity via instant distribution of information
  • Team empowerment and application controls

Safety optimisation

  • Optimised management of HSEQ / Health Safety Environment & Quality
  • Instant transmission of alerts and risks
  • Permanent access to incident history


Indicators and statistics for a global vision of your project

Statistical and schematic visualisation of data

  • Precise status reports
  • Progress rhythm analysis
  • Performance follow-up for all persons involved

Unlimited transmission

  • Transmission of and permanent access to photos
  • Transmission to selected targets
  • Creation of precise and detailed reports

Maintenance anticipation and scheduling

  • Scheduling of operations
  • Management of equipment and hardware
  • Access to suppliers’ online toolkit

A user-friendly interface that facilitates the application of regulations, methods and actions on thousands of elements that comprise infrastructures and assets (motorways, railways, infrastructure…).

Inventory / Geo-location

Simple, comprehensive and fast access to all of your assets

  • Interaction with existing management systems
  • Identification and breakdown of asset or heritage elements, and 2D or 3D geo-location
  • Storage of information, photos, video footage, plans, documents and nuemrous other form of qualitative or quantitative infrastructure information

Inspection / Maintenance

An easy and user-friendly tool for efficient data-collection

  • For patrols and reports concerning technical, operational and/or safety incidents
  • For detailed visits concerning specific aspects to control, and/or defects to note, on-line or off-line
  • For validation-process management
  • For visit-report generation
  • For corrective action scheduling, prioritisation and budgeting

Analysis / Decisions

Customised interfaces as decision-aids

  • Real-time data collection from connected objects, and mass investigation
  • Evaluation of an asset’s condition
  • Multiple choice actions
  • Analysis of collected data

Detecting and controlling risks using our infrastructure monitoring software

  • Real-time data processingGeoscope delivers real-time monitoring data using a data reduction engine that is both powerful and versatile. The software can accommodate data from many different data sources including dataloggers, environmental sensors, theodolites and manual survey, etc. and offers clear visualisation and fast calculations for simple or more complex infrastructures.
  • Dynamic data integration Geoscope works with data from different sources and in different formats, including information supplied by third party counterparts such as worksite progress, electronic documents, pictures, etc.
  • Alarm managementWith its entirely configurable and automatic alarm system, Geoscope transmits real-time alerts enabling optimal project control.
  • Specific interfacesDisplay data can be customised for individual users or groups so that they only see the most relevant information.
  • Cloud, Desktop & Mobile Solutions Take advantage of Geoscope while traveling on different sites: in addition to the desktop version, data is also accessible on tablets and smartphones.
  • 3D and isoline animations The clear and user-friendly interface enables simple interpretation of geotechnical, structural and environmental data.


Our technical experts utilise our digital software solutions in industries such as construction, infrastructure management and real estate.

We provide quidance through your digital transformation and the new income opportunities that it entails. We analyse your target processes through our specialist eye, we design your digital roadmap, we supervise or advise you through your change management and create the innovative and dedicated solutions you need.