You have to deal with a large number of technical, regulatory and budgetary issues.
We offer a range of tools and digital solutions designed to help you optimise all phases of the construction and maintenance of your infrastructures.

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Buildings and infrastructures

SIXENSE étude acoustique sur le projet Eole, La Défense


études avancées par SIXENSE

Advanced studies


We make subsoils visible to help you deliver your projects

Our mission is to reduce risks and associated costs. Our aim is to understand your issues, offer you relevant and innovative geophysical survey methods, and guarantee reliable interpretations.


Objective: To optimise the size and number of Jet Grouting columns

Solution: Our patented Cyljet method

Objective: Exploration while the tunnel-boring machine progresses

Solution: Unique method for source-less seismic investigation

Reference: VINCI 2017 Innovation Award

Our added value

Constant investment in innovation to develop pioneering methods and tools in the field of geophysical investigation

Buildings and infrastructures


We provide solutions for the construction and optimised management of your infrastructures during their whole lifecycle. We manage every step of your digital transition, throughout your activities.

We can offer a wide variety of tools and expertise in order to determine optimimsed solutions for the evaluation of the state of an asset, for design issues, and for renovation and/or modernisation optimisation.


During its operational lifetime, the structural integrity of a building or infrastructure can be affected by the alteration of its materials or the evolution of structural disorders due to different factors (construction defects, earthquakes, fire, explosions, change of use). These events can reduce the efficiency of the structure, jeopardise its durability or endanger the safety of its users.

We provide a range of tools and expertise that permit the evaluation of degradation and the identification of its origin.

  • Inspection and surveillance
    • Visual inspection
    • Digital inspection
    • Remote-controlled inspection (drones)
    • Monitoring
  • Investigation and on-site non-destructive controls
    • Structure reconnaissance
    • Material and coating characterisation
    • Pathology diagnosis
    • Pre-tension evaluation
  • Laboratory tests
    • Pathologies and concrete durability
    • Metal frames (reinforced concrete, pretension)
    • Paints and specialist coatings
    • Binders and masonry

Throughout an infrastructure’s lifecycle, it is imperitive imperative to undertake preventative maintenance in order to prolongue the infrastructure’s lifespan and ensure the safety of its users and the public.

Engineering applied to existing structures is the answer to these issues. Intervening on structures that are in use can intruduce constraints that require innovative scientific methods to determine possible solutions.

  • Material diagnosis and durability expertise
    • Ageing and material pathologies
    • Protective coating expertise
    • Accidents (fire, design defects)
  • Structural expertise and evaluation of load-bearing capacity
    • Contractual recalculations (pour traduire Recalcul réglementaire conventionnel)
    • Non- constractual recalculations (pour traduire Recalcul non-réglementaire)
    • Advanced modelling
  • Maintenance and repair engineering
    • Structural repair surveys
    • Reinforcement surveys
    • Establishment of protection and sustainability solutions
  • Project management and controls
    • Project management for Design
    • Project management for Execution and Construction works
    • Performance audits on-site

Asset management requires extensive knowledge and experience in terms of budget optimisation, technical solutions and regulations, that are becoming increasingly complex and restrictive.

Adopting a proactive approach, we help you to organise, justify and optimise your infrastructure management and maintenance. We provide the expertise that enables you to implement efficient asset management solutions, so as to prioritise your operations and optimise maintenance costs.

Our missions:

  • Audit and asset structuring
    • Due Diligence
    • Risk assessment
    • Data visualisation
    • Assistance in the deployment of asset management tools
  • Management optimisation
    • Definition of maintenance strategies
    • Simulations and ageing predictions
    • Investment justification and optimisation by scientific means
    • Consulting in the field of digitisation and BIM assisted management

Our added value

  • A global approach: we bring tailor-made solutions to our clients by combining our capabilities
  • Constant innovation to develop ground-breaking techniques and solutions in the field of structural investigation and asset management
  • Industry-leading expertise in the Engineering of Existing Structures: special coatings, material pathologies, cathodic protection, advanced modelling & non-destructive investigation



We guide you at every stage of your project to enable you to manage and control your long term environmental and health impacts. Our teams help by identifying your issues and offering bespoke and expert consultation and monitoring services.

Risk evaluation, identification of optimised solutions to minimise your impacts, follow-up and guidance concerning your communications; we are known for delivering on our experience in the fields of energy, industry and infrastructure.

  • Consulting
  • Noise, vibration, air quality engineering
  • Monitoring


An improvement to operating period management, a decision making tool that’s available from the initial stages, reduced survey times and acousticians that can focus on added-value solutions (consulting and improvements to serve the project).

Through its design, EOLESENSE® favours proactivity and risk control, to deliver a reliable evaluation of the sensitivity of your projects. This patented technology ensures an improved appreciation of your wind farms for future resale.

Anticipation and diagnosis of your projects environmental impacts

  • Noise and Vibration impact studies
  • Low-Nuisance Worksite Charter
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Modelling

Impact control and investment optimisation

  • Digital simulation
  • Variant studies
  • Blueprint with Benefits, Costs and Restrictions
  • Solution dimensioning

Facilitation of communication between parties involved

  • Bespoke environmental monitoring
  • Public meetings and negotiations
  • Specific reporting for individual stakeholders
  • Training and awareness campaigns

Advanced studies


We accompany our clients through the entire lifecycle of their structures, by offering expert consultationas well as class leading digital solutions.


For infrastructure that is particularly complex or sensitive to it’s environment, our expert engineers are here to provide advice and innovative solutions to help you deliver your project.

études avancées phase conception - SIXENSE

For projects being designed or delivered, we are able to deploy innovative and advanced solutions permitting value engineering and solution optimisation.


During the final design phase, the reduction of the total weight of the framework in cask storage warehouse, was achieved by non-linear analysis of external explosion risks.

Military nuclear research facility

Optimisation of the steel reinforcement of a building's concrete structure which is subject to a high risk of explosion, thus guaranteeing its stability in case of an incident.

études avancées de pérennisation - SIXENSE

We can assist with the sustainability of infrastructure that presents structural defects, is exposed to new hazards or which has a requirement for lifecycle extension. We characterise your existing infrastructure and develop solutions for adaptataion and reinforcement to help prolongue the structure’s lifespan.

Protection of a cooling tower - Institut Laue Langevin

With the lessons learnt from Fukushima, new hazards have been identified that need to be considered when taking into account the risks that nuclear facilities are exposed to. We designed and validated a protection shield for the ILL tower that could resist the impact of a lorry carried by flood waters. This will allow the chimney to stay in place and the site to continue operating during such a scenario.

Villa soleil

This project is part of a legal appraisal taking place on a site comprising several housing units that show signs of structural defects. SIXENSE have been appointed to undertake the inspection of the structures, calculate their current state and recommend the most appropriate reinforcement solutions in order to reach an optimum cost/performance level that would secure the buildings. The works undertaken, and the conclusion delivered by SIXENSE, clarified the points of view on both sides of the legal dispute.

études avancées - innovation - SIXENSE

We play an active role in the development of innovative methods and tools to model and simulate the mechanical behaviour of materials and structures. SIXENSE are active members of numerous scientific committees and study groups (AFPS, AFGC, scientific and technical media). We invest 20% of our activity in Research and Development projects.


Software developed by EDF for modelling and multiphysics calculations with finite elements. We supervise the development of the software calculation code and business software that go with the tool.

Vercors Project

This project covers research and development activities that will enable new characterisation methods for thermo-hydro-mechanical phenomena based on real tests in a test reactor building. Current studies are leading to the development of a new predictive model that enables the calculation of leakage rates through fissures in the reinforced and pre-tensioned concrete, due to accidental weight-loading.

Our added value

• High precision measurements: precision of average rate of soil-level movement +/- 2 mm

• Possible measuremenets from historical / archived satellite data

• High point density without any installation: > 15,000 points per km2

• Cost optimisation due to the large satellite images