Our aim is to optimise the management of your assets, from design to operation.

We are known as a world leader in digitisation, either for mapping, metrology or for 3D modelling, in the following fields: industries such as nuclear or hydro electric power plants, petrochemical sites, construction companies, infrastructure operators and local communities.



We intervene at different levels:

  • To acquire precision 3D data, including in extreme conditions and environments
  • To measure, control, create plans, scale models, digital clones
  • To develop solutions that enable the visualisation and use of 3D data
solutions de digitalisation des infrastructures pour les industriels


relevé linéaire héliporté - digitalisation au service des entreprises de construction


digitalisation d'infrastructures linéaires


digitalisation du patrimoine - collectivités




Our mission is to bring you the essential dimensional information you need, to have extensive and precise knowledge of your assets by carrying out 3D readings in open or confined conditions, including inside nuclear power plants, chemical or petrochemical facilities, or in underground facilities.


solutions de digitalisation des infrastructures pour les industriels

Objective: Have precise knowledge of your assets, using remote readings to study characteristics and reduce costs

Solution: Scanner readings

Reference: ARKEMA 2017, studies undertaken on a chemical industrial site at Clear Lake (USA)

  • 3D readings with dual colour scanners
  • Topographic toolkit
  • Assembled point-cloud Viewer

travail de digitalisation en milieu immergé cuve de réacteur nucléaire

Objective: Inspect parts, undertake surface surveys

Solution: Metrological inspections with a portable 3D scanner, measure-discrepancy maps based on the 3D data

Reference: WEIR 2018, inspection of valve internal components (Civaux nuclear power plant)

  • 3D readings on mobile parts and valve bodies
  • Analysis of discrepancy charts and measurements

modélisation 3D

Objective: To increase knowledge of your facilities and enhance reliability of your design

Solution: Scanner reading and site photos, As-Built modelling

Reference: EDF UTO 2016, decommissioning studies on the Brennilis nuclear power plant

  • 3D readings with dual colour scanners (700 viewpoints over 10 levels)
  • Automation to investigate the reactor pit
  • As-Built scale model

outil d'exploitation et de visualisation des données en en 3D

Objective: To create operational and 3D visualisation tools to answer all needs.

Solution: Specific bespoke development

Reference: SOGEA 2017, drinking water reservoir

  • Photogrammetric readings
  • Operational viewer of a 3D model with avatar

Our added value

  • Significant experience in a wide range of techniques and tools dedicated to aerial, terrestrial, sub-surface and marine data acquisition.
  • The capacity to undertake underwater measurements, surveys in radiation-exposed environments, and robotic measurements.
  • The capacity to process large source files (big data)
  • Integration of all kinds of data (point clouds, photos, textures, information, documents)


Our mission is to supply construction firms with digital maps that facilitate project optimisation during all stages of a project’s lifecycle


Objective: To enhance reliability of call for tender answers and optimise project design

Solution: To map the existing site with topographic precision using LiDAR.

Reference: Creation of topographic maps on a 1:1000 scale for a project that covers over 1000 km of linear infrastructures

Objective: To avoid budget overspend

Solution: To recalibrate worksite progress by periodic mapping

Reference: LiDAR data acquisition and calculation of quarterly earth-moving quantities on the SEA project

Objective: To deliver Work Completion Document (DOE) with a geometrical as-built checking document for use by the Contractor

Solution: To create As-Built plans of the infrastructure that are consistent with the operating requirements.

Reference: Production of over 10.000 ha of as-built digital checking plans

Our added value

  • Fine knowledge of the construction trade
  • Customised integration of data acquisition solutions
  • A Multiple-sensor platform (RGB, infrared, LiDAR, GPS images)
  • Self-sufficient georeferencing


Our mission is to record digital inventories of your infrastructures, as well as supply the collaborative tools that enable you to optimise the management and operation of your assets.


Objective: To acquire improved knowledge of an asset in order to optimise it’s management

Solution: To map the existing site with topographic precision using LiDAR and imaging

Reference: Creation of topographic maps at a scale of 1:1000 for a project covering over 2000 km of linear infrastructures.

Objective: To reduce interventions on-site that can disrupt operations

Solution: To carry out remote readings by drone or helicopter

Reference: LiDAR data acquisitions along more than 3000 km of infrastructures

Objective: To keep a geographical database up-to-date

Solution: To undertake intermittent, automatic up-dates via different acquisition methods

Reference: Very high resolution photo acquisition surveilling over 350 km of railway lines
LiDAR and high resolution photo acquisition, in order to update information coming from more than 1000 km of high-voltage lines

Objective: To supply reliable information to different services and counterparts

Solution: To provide data via a web portal and business applications

Reference: Data provided to motorway contractors via ScanPrint by Web Map Services

Our added value

  • Customised integration of data acquisition and knowledge-sharing solutions
  • A Multiple-sensor platform (RGB, infrared, LiDAR, GPS images)
  • A web solution that is coupled with asset-management tools
  • Fine knowledge of infrastructure activities


Our mission is to supply local communities with collaborative management solutions for their infrastructures and facilities: roads, buildings, underground facilities, street furniture.

Our solutions are based on realistic, extensive and precise 3D digital clones.


Objective: To understand the flood-hazard areas of a town considering river height and assist action planning in the event of flooding.

Solution: Create a digital surface model using the airborne LiDAR technique and modelling of rising flood waters

Reference: Study of flood water propagation of the river Seine for the town of Rueil Malmaison

Our added value

  • Unique knowledge and experience in the creation of “real” digital clones
  • Aerial, terrestrial and underground data acquisition solutions
  • A Multiple-sensor platform (RGB, infrared, LiDAR, GPS images)
  • A web solution that is coupled with asset-management tools